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The Revolutionary Discoveries of Davis and Rawls

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One of the first color photo representations of
magnetic energy taken by Albert Roy Davis

Albert Roy Davis was the first scientist in the world to discover, in 1936, that magnetism consists of two separate and distinct energies, each having opposite effects on matter.

This revolutionary discovery forever changed the field of magnetic/electromagnetic research. Albert Roy Davis is the founder of the Science of  Biomagnetics (or Biomagnetism) in the United States, a term which means the study of the effects of a magnet's energies on the biological system. Magnetic therapy, as it is commonly referred to today, is one branch of the science called biomagnetism. Never before in recorded history could experiments be reproduced, time and time again, with precise and predictable results. If you are considering magnetic therapy, you must, for your own well-being, have an adequate understanding of the effects of the North and South pole energies. Incorrect use of a biomagnet (magnet specifically designed for magnetic therapy) can have serious undesirable consequences.

Throughout the twentieth century and up to the present, a great deal of research has been done to determine the effects of magnetic fields on living organisms. Researchers had not been able to obtain predictable results. All of the researchers throughout the world, whether the results showed magnetic energies to have an effect or not, were unaware of the fact that the polarity of the magnetic field used in their experiments would have a profound effect on the outcome. They believed, as scientists have for thousands of years, that the North and South poles of magnetism were homogeneous (the same) in their effects. You may know someone who has tried magnetic therapy and said it seemed to be helpful sometimes, but not at other times, or worse yet they may have had no improvement at all. Have you wondered why this has been the experience of many people who have used biomagnets, and as a result no longer do? There are several reasons.

In 1936, Albert Roy Davis discovered that magnetism consists of two separate and distinct energies. The North pole has the opposite effects of the South pole. To this day, most researchers still do not understand this, nor do many companies that sell magnetic therapy products. A biomagnet must be constructed in a way that separates the two poles of the magnet so that the North pole energy is on one side and the South pole energy is on the opposite side of the magnet. They are often called unipolar magnets, as opposed to bipolar magnets, which have the North and South poles on the same side. Other companies that do sell unipolar biomagnets take some of the original work done by Davis and Rawls, which has been scientifically verified, and then wrongfully alter it. It is not uncommon for some doctors, scientists, and others to take credit for one or more of their discoveries. Using the North pole energy alone is not enough . The material the magnet is constructed of, the size,  and length of time it is used are all important considerations. If biomagnets are not used properly they will not only fail to give you the results you desire, they can be harmful.

We at Biomagnetics USA have been guided by the greatest scientists in magnetic/electromagnetic research in the world, the Albert Roy Davis Research Laboratory. When biomagnets are used correctly, as determined through decades of research by Davis and Rawls, they can offer you benefits that are nothing short of amazing!